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Lori Creighton Certified in Recruitment Marketing

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Lori Creighton's recruitment marketing certificate

Lori Creighton has earned Recruitment Marketing Certification through the Smashfly* Transform Academy. The certification is recognized by SHRM (Society for Human Resource Professionals) and the HR Certification Institute as eligible for continuing education credits for HR professionals. Recruitment marketing is the use of marketing tactics to achieve recruiting goals. It’s considered an emerging discipline within the field of HR but it requires a very different skillset.
“All of the skills that I’ve been practicing as a marketer transfer superbly to recruitment marketing. I’m a content specialist and storytelling facilitator, and these are exactly the skills that are needed for companies to begin to change their recruiting approach from reactive to proactive.”

As Lori has turned her marketing consulting business, Homestead Media, towards recruitment marketing, she’s not worried that her services won’t be needed when the economy pendulum swings the other way. Attracting the right talent might be challenging in our low unemployment economy, but it’s not the only reason why recruitment marketing has evolved.

“Technology has changed human behavior, and the way that people explore, discover and research job opportunities isn’t that different from the way they make purchasing decisions in their personal and professional lives. While it’s a challenge for companies to change how they recruit to meet up with that behavior, it’s also a huge opportunity for those companies who get started before their competitors,” she said.

As she has been talking with companies about how the services she offers can help them get better recruiting results, Lori has found that awareness of recruitment marketing is low.

“Many people in the Mankato area have never heard about recruitment marketing. I’d like to be a resource for businesses. Even if they don’t use my services, I hope that people can better understand what recruitment marketing is all about through the materials that I’m publishing on my website,” said Lori.

*Smashfly is a recruitment marketing software platform. Their certification program released in October of 2017 was the recruitment industry’s first education program available to certified participants in all aspects of recruitment marketing.

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