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Why Recruitment Marketing?

In a tight job market, job postings alone aren't going to attract the quality candidates you need to fill your open positions. You have to do something different to stand apart from the other companies going after the same talent.

When you utilize recruitment marketing you adopt a proactive strategy that allows you to attract and nurture job candidates, and consistently communicate your reputation as a good employer.

Job Seekers Act Like Consumers

The reason why you need a different strategy is because people discover and explore job opportunities with the same behaviors they use as consumers. You can expect them to have multiple online interactions with your company both before and after they decide to apply for a job.

Attract Attention

Stand out from all the other companies vying for the same talent.

Nurture Relationships

Engage with potential job candidates and turn interest into applications.

Build a Better Talent Pool

Proactively promote your reputation as a good employer.

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Talent Attraction Isn't Just an HR Problem

Your company's ability to get the results you need from recruiting affects all areas of your business

  • Ability to achieve growth forecasts
  • Quality of product and service delivery
  • Customer and employee satisfaction
  • Ability to address market challenges
  • Cost management and reduction

Discover why your recruiting process doesn't work like it used to

In this 30-minute on-demand webinar, you'll learn the basics about recruitment marketing and how marketing and HR can partner up to be a part of the solution to a very big business problem.

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My approach to recruitment marketing is different from what enterprise companies are doing. With my approach, all you have to do is start talking to employees and turn what they say into compelling recruiting messages. It's that simple.

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