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Introducing Sarah Olson, Brand Storyteller

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Sarah Olson, Brand Storyteller

Sarah Olson joins her mom, Lori Creighton, as a writer at Homestead Media, helping companies communicate their reputation as a good employer through employee experience storytelling.

‚Äč“Organizing a person’s thoughts and feelings into a story helps them find their voice,” said Sarah. “Writing isn’t something that everyone feels comfortable doing. It takes skill and practice. I love taking on the challenge to find the right words while I get a glimpse into what their life is like.”

Her role at Homestead Media provides a way for Sarah to keep her professional experience fresh while she cares for her two young sons. It’s a great situation that helps her to put her family first, and stay close to her mom, Lori, owner of Homestead Media.

“Working with my mom allows me to be the mom that I want to be and still keep a foot in my profession,” said Sarah. “I know my mom’s expectations for client work but she’s also flexible. I know she’ll be my backup when my whole family comes down with the flu.”

Sarah has a degree in Communications from Gustavus Adolphus College and 13 years of experience in Marketing and Communications that includes eight years as the Communications Manager for the National Milk Producers Association in Arlington, Virginia.

Lori and Sarah's working relationship is mutually beneficial, and actually mirrors Lori's experience as a young mom.

“When Sarah was a baby, my mom helped me to get started teaching piano lessons so that I could have more time at home with my kids. Now I not only get to help my daughter do the same thing, I get to share the benefits of her communication skills and experience with my clients,” said Lori.

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