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Become the Recruitment Marketing Expert in Your Community



Add a Service Category to Your Marketing Business That Will Help Companies Build a Better Talent Pool 


You already have the marketing tools and skills you need to be part of the solution to what could be the biggest problem small businesses are facing today - attracting enough of the right talent. You just need a first step to get started and that step is to help companies change their message.

What happens when you change the recruiting message?

  • Reach more people and stimulate more action
  • Stand out from companies going after the same talent
  • Manage employers' reputations with job candidates, current employees and the community
  • Promote current jobs while building the foundation for an "Always On" employer brand

Better Message. Better Talent Pool.

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Employee Experience Storytelling is the Foundation for Crafting Your New Recruiting Messages

The five modules in this course will teach you how to interview employees and turn what they talk about into compelling recruiting messages. You’ll learn how to:

  • Set up and conduct employee interviews
  • Extract testimonials and analyze them for employer value
  • Weave testimonials and employer value insights together to create powerful messages
  • Plant the new messages to attract a better talent pool

You'll learn practical skills that you can use right away to better promote your clients' jobs. Plus you'll gain a new lens that you can use to help companies improve all of their careers messaging.

What's Included In This Course


What Makes a Good Recruiting Message?

Learn how to tell the difference between a recruiting message that has the power to connect with people and one that doesn't. In this module, we'll talk about:

  • Why you need to stop saying, "We're Hiring!"
  • Examples of good and poor recruiting social media posts

You’ll finish this module with a checklist to perform a baseline recruitment marketing audit.


Employee Experience Storytelling Process

Learn about the seven steps in the employee experience storytelling process. Then we'll cover how to conduct employee interviews including:

  • How to approach employees for interviews
  • Questions that uncover employee experience
  • Set up for a successful interview

You’ll listen to an example employee experience interview and learn how to conduct one yourself.


Turn Employee Experience Into Recruiting Messages

We'll take the raw content from an example employee interview and turn it into powerful messages that connect with people. You'll learn and practice how to:

  • Extract and edit testimonials from an example interview
  • Analyze employee testimonials for employer value
  • Use the building blocks of a relational message to craft recruiting messages

Plus, you'll learn why you MUST change your message in order to get different results from any marketing you do to attract talent.


Promoting Your Employer Brand

Once you know how to craft compelling messages, you'll be ready to plant them in the places where you can engage with job candidates. We'll cover:

  • What's an employer brand?
  • Replacing "We're hiring" messages and planting testimonials 
  • Measuring and communicating progress

You'll also get ideas on how you can collaborate with HR and Recruiting to not only support their goals but to adopt a proactive approach to talent attraction.


Guided Practice

The last module gives you the chance to practice all of the steps that you learned in Module 3 with another example interview. This module includes:

  • The role that practice plays in learning the process
  • Checklists to guide your actions for practice and your first interview
  • Next steps to take to implement the process

By the end of the course, you'll not only have a new skillset, but you'll be ready to add a new category to your marketing business and see growth opportunities you've never had before.

Weekly Office Hours for Questions and Discussion

In addition to the online content and downloads, you get three months of access to weekly office hours with me along with the other students who are progressing through the course at the same time as you.


This Course Is For You If...

  • You're a marketing agency or consultant already supporting clients' job postings with social media.

  • You're a marketing manager at a small business and you want a better way to support recruiting.
  • You know small businesses are struggling with talent attraction and you want to help.
  • You want to open up a new category in your agency/consultancy that will allow you to work with more companies.
  • You want to be the first in your community to offer recruitment marketing as a service.

I'm Lori Creighton

When I was first introduced to recruitment marketing, I immediately recognized how my skills as a marketer transferred over to the emerging discipline of recruitment marketing.

The process that you'll learn in Better Message. Better Talent Pool. emerged from my work with client companies to help them stand out from all of the other companies vying for the same talent.

What started out as a content marketing tactic for recruiting, turned into a talent attraction strategy that improves recruiting today and lays the foundation for building a talent pool for tomorrow.

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Better Message. Better Talent Pool.

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