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We'll Talk to Your Employees and Get Their Stories for You

As a busy marketing professional, you need to prioritize how you're going to spend your time. Learning how to interview employees and create recruitment marketing messaging might not fit into your schedule, or your list of capabilities that you want to develop. We can help!

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Plan 1: Employer Credibility Builder

Employee Testimonial Collector and Qualitative Analysis

This is where to start if you want to take the first step towards becoming more proactive in your approach to recruiting. Not only will you get assets you can use to support what you're doing with recruiting today, you'll also get important insight into the value that you bring to employees which is what will help you consistently promote your reputation as a good employer.

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What's Involved:

  • We'll have a conversation to discuss your values, best-fit employees and recruiting goals.
  • We'll introduce you to the process we'll use to uncover employer value insights.
  • We'll conduct 20 - 25 minute interviews with three to five of your employees.
  • We'll extract 8 - 12+ testimonials from each interview and analyze them for employer value insight.
  • We'll weave the testimonials and employer value insights together to craft 6 - 8 social media posts for each interview.

What You Get:

  • Months of social media content with authentic employee testimonials to replace your "We're hiring!" messages.
  • Trust-building assets that you can use on your careers page, beside your job postings, and in your internal communications.
  • Insights into employer value that will give you a new lens with which to discover or validate what's important to employees.
  • The groundwork for taking employee stories into written or video formats.


Your recruiting messages stand out from your competitors going after the same talent.

Price $2,100 - 2,600

For 5 employee interviews, testimonials, employer value analysis, and social media posts.

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Plan 2: Employee Experience Storytelling

Stand Out from the Crowd When Your Employees Do the Talking

As job candidates consider a position with your company, they're trying to answer the question, "Why should I work for you?" When you frame your answers to that question in stories, you gain an advantage over your competitors seeking the same talent because your stories make your company unique, memorable, and position you as the employer of choice.


What's Involved:

  • We'll have a conversation to discuss your values, best-fit employees and recruiting goals.
  • We'll introduce you to the process we'll use to gather and share employee experience stories, from approaching employees to ideas on how to utilize your completed stories.
  • We'll conduct interviews with three of your employees and draft written stories that illustrate what it's like to work at your company.
  • We'll give you ideas on how to use your stories to support your talent attraction process.

What You Get:

  • Three 500 - 700 word stories that you can publish on your blog.
  • Ready-to-go social media posts and testimonials that will stimulate social interactions for months.
  • Assets that your employees and network can use to expand awareness of your company as a great place to work.
  • The groundwork for taking your employee stories into video format.


Differentiation of your employer brand that helps you attract a better talent pool.

Price $2,000 - 2,500

For 3 employee interviews and stories, plus testimonials, employer value analysis, and social media posts.

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Plan 3: Content Marketing and Writing for Talent Attraction

Find the Right Words to Promote Your Employer Brand

 Once you decide to become intentional about managing your employer brand (that's your reputation), it's natural to want to maximize all of the ways you communicate with employees, future employees, alumni and your community. Any content writing project begins with employee interviews as in Plan 1 or 2.


Some of the content projects we can tackle include:

  • Job postings and ads
  • Careers web page content
  • Social media posts
  • Internal newsletters
  • Job candidate newsletters
  • New employee/job candidate experience interviews
  • Careers blog posts
  • Video scripts and planning
  • Communications with local high schools and colleges
  • Ghost writing for executives

What You Get:

  • Content writing expertise that extends the capabilities of your internal team
  • A third-party perspective that assures your messages are audience-focused and clear, and not generic or buried in jargon.
  • Communications that will build the relationships that support short and long-term talent attraction goals.


You build a positive employer brand inside and outside of your company.

Price Custom Quote

Content marketing and copywriting projects begin with a set of employee interviews as in Plan 1 or 2.

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Get a competitive advantage over the other companies going after the same talent

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