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Consumerism has overtaken recruiting. People are using the same behaviors to look for a job that they use to buy products and services. The first thing job seekers are going to do when interested in learning about your company is go to your website and they could have many online interactions with your company before they make the decision to apply for a position.

Big corporations are using recruitment marketing to help candidates down their decision-making journey and you can, too. You don't have to do what they do. Just apply marketing tactics to your recruiting goals.

Content Marketing for Recruiting

Use content marketing to create online destinations where job candidates can get their questions answered and gain confidence that you will be a good employer. Here are some ideas to use on your blog:

1. Display Your Culture

Show people what it’s like to work at your company by painting a picture of how you live out your values. Value statements by themselves have little effect on behavior, either internally or externally, but when you use storytelling you have can influence behavior.

Is your company environmentally conscious? Do you place high importance of professional development? Do you value innovation? Tell stories that illustrate those values in living, breathing action.

2. Day in the Life

There are certainly some core skills that you need for each position you want to fill, but does your job description look like everyone else’s? Find out how your position is unique and create a piece of content that shows what a typical day might look like for that person.

Talk to the manager or someone currently in the position to get their viewpoint about what is surprising about the work. If these folks also participate in making a video about the job, you’ll also be personalizing your company and deepening the online relationship that you’re nurturing.

3. Employee Experience Stories

If you have tried this in the past, you know that it’s easy to get some people to share and not so easy to get others to talk about their experience with your company. Overcome hesitancy to share by offering employees different publishing formats for their testimonial.

Some people might not want to be in a video, but you can do a lot with a video slideshow of still images and a voice over. Instead of approaching employees to talk about the company, ask how they have been a part of a great experience at the company. That’s how you’re going to get the best stories.

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Get Help From a Storytelling Facilitator

Depending on the size of company that you work for, you might not have access to the expertise you need to implement storytelling into your recruiting strategy. That’s where Homestead Media comes in. We work with companies to strategically use storytelling and content marketing tactics to improve the results they get from recruiting. Contact me today to get started.

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